Bayshore Beautiful Homeowner's Association

Dear residents of Bayshore Beautiful: 
Last night, on May 22nd, 2018, the BBHA held its first neighborhood-wide meeting for the 2018 year. 

The agenda for this meeting was as follows:

-Welcome and Introductions

-Treasurer’s Report

-Guest Speaker: Miray Holmes, Neighborhood Liaison

-Updated Bylaws & New Procedures


-Special Projects & Volunteer Opportunities

-Yogurtology Social Invitation

-Special Thanks

-Meeting Closing

The purpose  and intent of this meeting was to update our membership, new and old, of changes & updates to the Association and also reach out to neighbors in Bayshore Beautiful who were unaware that we had a voluntary association, or perhaps those who had been involved in the past and wished to re-join. Recently our bylaws were updated, for the first time since 1988, using the City of Tampa's guidelines and multiple bylaws from other area voluntary associations.

Our hope was that having a neighborhood-wide meeting, with a social to follow, would encourage volunteers to meet their neighbors and perhaps become involved in upcoming projects and neighborhood concerns. We have advanced our organization to better serve its membership and hoped to share how neighbors may get involved in our wonderful neighborhood, Bayshore Beautiful.

Regretfully, a small but vocal group of attendees chose this friendly, inclusive & informative forum to become disruptive and hostile towards the Board and other attendees, such that we were unable to go through our agenda as planned. The meeting environment made us unable to update our membership of our bylaws, features, and volunteer opportunities.

I deeply regret that members who attended last night’s meeting were exposed to such blatantly inappropriate rudeness.

In all my time of neighborhood involvement I have never seen anything quite like what took place last evening.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For future updates, please provide your email on by clicking “register” on the top right hand corner of our site. Going forward, providing your email via is how we will be communicating with our members. 

My very best, 
Chelsea Johnson
2018 President, Bayshore Beautiful Homeowner's Association, A Voluntary Neighborhood Association