Couldn't make it to the City Council Candidate Forum on Tuesday, co-sponsored by the BBHA along with 23 other neighborhood associations?
View the video here to help you make an informed decision before you go to the polls.

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South Tampa Candidate Forum – City Council Forum – 2/12/19
Event Timeline

1:27 Opening remarks by Marlin Anderson, organizer of event. Acknowledgment of South Tampa neighborhood association presidents and volunteers. Explanation of candidate map, and request that audience questions be directed to specific districts.

15:19 Introduction of Jeff Patterson from News Channel 8, the moderator for the forum, who will go over ground rules and start the forum.

16:37 Opening speeches by all 17 candidates, each candidate allowed 1 minute.

35:32 Question 1 – All over Tampa, City Council has been repeatedly approving the rezoning of vacant lots for the highest possible density, which in most cases is doing such things as approving apartments and townhouses, and dramatically reducing setbacks. If elected, how as a member of city council will you protect all of the neighborhoods from overgrowth which negatively affects the residents who are already there?

54:55 Question 2 – District 4 – Right now Tallahassee has control in many ways over City Council. In other words, you can’t even discuss something, you can’t bring it up without being fined or have a threat of being kicked out of office. Would you be in favor of challenging Tallahassee’s preemption of home rule in regards to local ordinances.

58:14 Question 3 – District 6 – For those of you who are not African-American or from East Tampa, are you willing to commit to hiring an aide who is from East Tampa?

59:32 Question 4 – District 1 – Your thoughts on the ways to preserve trees while allowing owners to have the ability to develop their property. Support the need to license pruning of branches of grand trees? Do you support the ability of owners to prune grand trees?

1:05:04 Question 5 – District 2 – The City of Tampa revised its noise ordinance approximately 2 years ago. DJs, bands, TVs and other source of amplified sound are disturbing residents living near bars, restaurants and similar establishments. The noise ordinance is not enforced for a variety of reasons. Complaint calls are a low priority. Too much ambiguity between residents and law enforcement on what is considered loud, raucous and plainly audible. 5 minute warnings are not consistently documented. Residents advocate the only solution is to eliminate all outdoor amplification between 10 pm and 7 am. Channel District, downtown and Ybor are exempt because of their special designation. Do you support this?

1:09:14 Question 6 – District 3 – Currently City of Tampa codes limit short-term rentals for a dwelling unit to a minimum of seven (7) days. They also require owners of residential rental units to register each unit and addresses enforcement actions available. How will you empower the Code Enforcement Division to actually carry out its responsibilities with respect to violations of short-term rentals such as those offered via Air BnB and VRBO?

1:13:39 Question 7 – District 4 – Infrastructure. What issues would you like to see, ordinances that - everyone wants infrastructure improvements, but what are your priorities for infrastructure improvements?

1:17:23 Question 8 – District 6 – What are your plans to eliminate the systematic poverty in Tampa? Also, how would you address affordable housing?

1:20:03 Question 9 – District 1 – Regarding the first question, most or all you said “change the code.” How specifically would you change the code?

1:25:51 Question 10 – District 3 – How can City Council make the citizens feel more welcome and respected, and given the citizens the same courtesy as paid representatives and hired attorneys?

1:31:16 Question 11 – District 2 – How can you ensure transportation dollars are used throughout Tampa and not just in downtown?

1:35:31 1-minute closing speeches from all 17 candidates.

1:55:41 Closing remarks by Marlin Anderson, organizer of event.

1:56:28 Event concluded.