Stovall Club Proponents

The BBHA is not taking a position for or against the Stovall Club Project at this time. We are making available information that has been submitted to us to assist residents in making an informed decision. 

Links, documents, neighborhood questions, and other resources submitted to the BBHA by the developer of the Stovall Club, as well as other proponents. Documents provided to the BBHA are below in PDF format. 

Also included are developer responses to neighborhood questions. Questions may be submitted anonymously to the BBHA, which will then be sent to the developer, by emailing [email protected]

Alternatively, the developer has created an area on its own site for questions to be directly submitted. 

Developer Site

Listing Link

Bayshore’s historic Stovall-Lee House could become exclusive club

Blake Casper files plans for private club with B&B at historic Stovall-Lee estate

File Uploaded