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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

How can one think clear-cutting trees is the answer?

The Tampa Bay Builders Association  thinks it is a great idea.  They  hired  an attorney to present to City Council a citizen initiated  amendment to modify  Chapter 27. This  is something that occurs regularly.  But usually it goes through a few  city departments before going before City Council. Last week during a workshop on the current tree code, Gina Grimes their attorney, presented this amendment  in such a way that it is now on the agenda for THIS Thursday, March 1st at 9 am.

This is one of the sneakiest things I have ever heard of in  our City politics!

This amendment wipes out the  entire tree code and lets any  person to  clear cut any tree that is in the footprint or easement of a new development. ALL trees  protected or grand can be removed! They would not need a permit  or to pay  into the tree fund, or to  plant other trees to compensate..

This is acting directly against the public’s interests in Tampa.

Please let  of your friends know, who care about trees or  our urban forest or our environment to attend City Council Thursday  morning  or send an email or phone your City Council representative. Today!!

Ideally we need to fill City Council chambers THIS Thursday March 1st! This item will be heard shortly after Council opens at 9 am. If you can not attend, please send City Council an email

Our century old oaks and other protected trees add so much to our homes, our  streets, the canopy of limbs,  our health   and they  provide shade – all things that I value and I think enhance our neighborhood and our city.  How can one think it is a good idea to clear cut all trees !

Many THANKS for doing what you can. Please share with friends!

Hearing Date: Thursday March 1st, time is during staff reports, usually soon after 9 am

City Council meets at City Hall - Third Floor 315 East Kennedy Boulevard

Council email: [email protected]

Phone number  813-274-8131


 Re Agenda Item76.

File Nos. E2016-15 and E2017-8 CH 27

Legal Department and City Staff to review the ordinance submitted by Gina Grimes; further, that the Legal Department and City Staff to appear with a report of the City’s opinion, whether favorable or unfavorable of said ordinance. - (Original motion initiated by Reddick-Maniscalco on February 22, 2018.)


Chapter 13-45(g)(2)

“ a. A protected or grand tree shall be permitted to be removed if any portion of the trunk of the protected tree or grand tree is located within the buildable area of the zoning lot in any of the following single-family residential districts: RS-75, RS-60, RS-50, YC-2, and SH-RS. For purposes of this section, “buildable area” is defined as that portion of a zoning lot which excludes the minimum required yards (i.e., setbacks).”

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